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  • Core values: advocating people, revitalizing enterprises, and benefiting the society; adults achieve self, industry serves the country;

    Respect human rights and develop human capabilities;
    Achieve people's career, realize industry serving the country;
    Our value lies in improving the quality of life and enriching the connotation of life.
    Based in Wenzhou, looking at the world;
    We shoulder the mission entrusted by the enterprise, employees and society, and weave a moving legend in harmony
    Yibao style: quick response, quick action

    Quick response and immediate action reflect the development concept and awareness of Yibao people who pursue speed and efficiency, compete with speed and win with speed. In today's knowledge economy era, social economy and science and technology are developing rapidly, market competition is unpredictable, and opportunities are fleeting. Only by actively grasping the market, reacting quickly and acting quickly can we achieve our strategic goals. "Quick response, immediate action" embodies a high level of execution, and the pursuit is a realm of "words must be deeds, deeds must be fruitful".
    Marketing and service concept:market and customer-oriented, value and service as the core.

    "Market and customer-oriented", a new marketing model integrating manufacturers and customers with "value" and "service" as the core, putting market demand at the forefront, providing customers with added value, and converting customers through excess services. It is the strategic partner of Xingyuan.

    Wenzhou Yibao Craft Hardware Co.,Ltd.

    We are a professional designer and manufacturer of cigar accessories.