How to bite off the eggplant head directly

Learning how to cut a cigar properly is the first step in smoking a cigar. Even if you don\\\'t smoke yourself, learning how to cut a cigar can give you a hand at parties or celebrations for those in need.

How to bite the cigar head directly is part of a series of tutorials on cutting cigars. The tutorial also includes cutting straight with a double-blade cigar cutter, cutting with a drilled cigar cutter, cutting a wedge with a V-shaped cigar, and directly biting the cigar. If you want to know how to bite off the cigar head directly, follow Yibao to teach you how to cut cigars.

1. If you can\'t control the heat with your teeth, it is easy to bite the cigar and affect the taste, but you can only try it when there is no cigar cutter. If possible, it is best to use a cigar cutter.

2. The teeth are the same as the cigar scissors, and the position of the bite should be in line with the shoulder.

2. While rotating the cigar, bite the head lightly.

4. After a few more bites, the eggplant head will loosen. At this time, the eggplant cap can be removed by hand or mouth.