How to Care for a Cigar

Cigars are like old wines, the longer they are, the stronger they become. The cigars undergo metabolism in a specific environment, making the taste of cigars more supple and plump. What are the precautions for cigar maintenance? The following Xiaobian will share with you the things you must know about cigar maintenance. thing.

First, the key to cigar maintenance

The key to cigar maintenance is temperature and humidity.

1. Eggplant with high humidity is soft and inflexible. It will be flat when squeezed. If it is stored in an environment with excessive humidity for more than 15 days, it will become moldy.

2. When the temperature is high, the eggplant body is easy to burst, the eggplant body is hard, the wrapper is lifeless and wrinkled, the leaf veins are obvious, and there is a sound when pinched; it is dry, dry and rough when pumped. Cigars should avoid high temperature. If it is higher than 24°C, it will accelerate the aging of cigars and cause cigars to lose their mellow taste prematurely.